Dear Son of a bitch’s

Your wife works hard. For your home. Please do not forget it. Living drunk, committing adultery, eating delicious poke …

Before you start a business, you have to heal from your attitude and personality. In my opinion … You do not have qualified to make business. Unfortunately, … And you think the business plan lies in the first place.

You tricked me twice already. When you connect to me, so I was pretty bad… And you did not betray my expectations.

You are hard to succeed. So please, drink all the dead.

And another person

In order for your car, you won millions of bitter, for you and your friends are stingy. You are very ignorant and arrogant. And I should advise. Before you give advice to others, please look back at yourself first. You’ve got no friends so it’s always is a loner.

You tend to lose more and more rational. I hate that it was your little stingy. That’s why now is your failure and crashed.

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