I’ll never Forget 2005.9

My father was not rich. I am 6 years ago were very poor.

But I did not accept poverty.

I wrote a suicide note. And worked hard.

Sometimes I get lazy while ago, and I will look back on six years ago… And do not forget to strive for.

Sometimes Other people are jealous of my success.  And I got hurt because of their jealousy.

But I never do not get frustrated. I believe in my beliefs.

I will continue. And the reality is going to be satisfied.

I’ll never Forget 2005.9.. Coz It makes me burn.

One thought on “I’ll never Forget 2005.9

  1. 가족들 아끼고 사랑하며 누구보다 열심히 살고 계시잖습니까!
    사람에게 상처받는 일만 피하시면 참 좋겠습니다. 항상 건투를 빕니다! 화이팅!

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