Letter from one Korean to Americans

– People of land of beauty, do you forget the Boston Massacre –

First of all, I would like to congratulate you with America’s 228th Independence day of 4th of July. Just like any time of this year, you would enjoy this holiday celebrating with fire works and family gatherings. But while you are at it, some families would miss their sons and brothers, daughters and sisters, who are soldiers fighting in Iraq. And much of those soldiers would suffer themselves from the war.

United States of America. In Korea we call it ‘Mee-guk’. It originates from a Chinese letter which means beauty. So from this origin I call you Americans the people of land of beauty, only this one time.

[#M_ more.. | less.. | Couple of years ago, during my stay in Seattle I had a chance to visit Boston once. There I walked through the Freedom Trail. I looked though the historical monuments of the start of the American Revolution that you Americans are so proud of. What surprised me the most was the monument of the Boston Massacre. During my high school world history classes I was taught that English had killed Americans that stood up against the raising tax of tea. This triggered the start of the American Revolution, so called Boston Massacre. Before I actually stepped into the monument I thought that tens, even hundreds must have been killed in this massacre. But what’s this? Only five? Only five was killed! The massacre that triggered the war against the great British Empire and became the obligation of American Revolution had only five killed! I was shocked. I read it over and over again but it only said five killed. The pilgrims at the time were immigrants from Europe and had close relation with England. Even so, they stood against the unfairness of the of the heavy taxation and stood against the great British Empire and started the American Revolution. 228 years ago, July 4th they read out the Decreation of Independece. This decreation takes a great part in the history of mankind. Americans should be proud for it.

But you Americans, let me ask you how many civil innocents lives are taken; how many civil innocents are injured in Iraq right now. At least millions after millions are dead and wounded. Just the numbers are multiplied from the Boston Massacre. Also, what about the relationship between British Empire and Pilgrims in 1776 and the relationship of Iraq and America in 2003. Not only 230 years of time has past but there’s much difference of race, religion, and culture. And your ancestors, the pilgrims had a reason to start the war. The reason to be independent from the unfairness of British Empire. But what kind of a reason do you have for this war in Iraq? Your president G. Bush started this war reasoning 9.11. He lied to all of you that Iraq had supported such terrorism and also had weapons of massive destruction. With England once was the Enemy. And he is ruling Iraq with bloodshedding occupation. After all, petroleum and money was the reason. How would your ancestors think of you? Your ancestors that risked their life and went to the battle fields saying that they cannot live as colonized people. How would they think of you?

Couple of days ago, a young Korean man shouted out with fear. “You’re life is important. But, And My life is Important. I want to live.” But he was killed without any help from anywhere. Why? Why did such thing happen? Of course the Korean government is to be blamed. But more importantly his death was caused by your government and your president G. Bush.

Our people had no feeling or hated with Iraq. Such incident happened because we were pulled in to your president G. Bush’s “war against terrorism”. Because the Korean President Roh the “Street Gang-a cock on his own dunghill” had knelt down to the “Big Brother” U.S. President G. Bush. Recently, there’s been more and more Anti-U.S. movement in Korea. But such Anti-U.S. movement is not a new thing. Your country had started wars to one country to anotherin all over the world. And sells the most numbers of weapons of massive destruction. How can one do such evil conduct against the 3rd world?

Now it’s time for you, so pure hearted American Citizens, to answer. To the people of Iraq, to the people of Arab, to the people of world, you must answer.

Are you happy to get more retire funds from the money earned from selling of weapons of massive destruction?

Are you more happy to make new high ways, airports from Iraq people’s blood?

Can you feed your old parents and babies with such dirty money?

Now it’s time for the choice.

War of Peace?

Bush who started such dirty invasion war, make him give up on his second election. Truman through Korean War, Johnson through Vietnam War, they all gave up on the second election. At least keep the tradition, or let him loose at your president election in this November. Even further, put Bush on the stand of International Criminal Court. Let him pay for his evil deeds. Then, only then you would be free from the blame of electing a wrong president.

Do not forget the Boston Massacre.

2004.7.5.(For your time in July 4th of your Independence Day)

From the Korean Peninsula of the far east

Lee Doug Woo



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